Mission Statement:

In the heart of San Dimas, The Thaddeus Foundation is a charity organization that has been aiding the local community since 1975. Our mission is to inspire hope and growth in youth and women in need.

At The Thaddeus Foundation we have two main goals:

To stop the downward spiral of at-risk and foster youth. We want to reach struggling youths before they become pregnant, homeless, or get involved with drugs and alcohol. By providing them with valuable life and job skills, they will be able to reverse their downward spiral and be productive members of society.

To empower, guide, and support women and their families. We want to give teen mothers, single mothers, and mothers of children with special needs the knowledge, confidence, and the opportunity, to provide a better life for the next generation.

Current Activity:

For 38 years The Thaddeus Foundation operated our Directed Giving program, sponsoring missionaries locally and abroad. Now our focus is to bring hope and growth locally to San Dimas and the San Gabriel Valley. In September of 2014, we began offering free classes to at-risk youth, teen and single mothers, and mothers of children with special needs. We have two centers to improve the lives of youth and women.

The Hope that Helps Teen Center offers programs and services to at-risk and foster youth. For career development the services include college planning, digital literacy, and resume/interviewing workshops. The Teen Center also has programs and services specifically for life development, such as a mentoring programs, life coaching, Ready Set Wait program, personal finance for teens, and teen violence.

Our Women’s Center offers programs and services to women in need. The career development services include digital literacy, business development, and resume/interviewing workshops. To help in life development we have programs and services, such as relationship building, parenting, mentoring, finance management, and stress management. The programs offer a supervised playroom for children at no cost. The room contains toys and equipment for children with special needs so that their mothers can participate in our services.

In addition to our two centers, we have Homework Hotspot which is our after school program where students from grades 6th to 12th can get homework assistance from tutors every day after school. The program runs from 3- 6 p.m. and has allotted time for fun games and activities so students can have a healthy balance of school and play. Homework Hotspot will also be available on site at Lone Hill Middle School and Ramona Middle school.