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Here at The Thaddeus Foundation, we believe that education is one of the most important aspects of being successful. We also understand a good education can sometimes seem impossible to “at-risk” youth. The Teen Center was created to inspire HOPE & foster GROWTH in “at risk” and foster youth emotionally, personally, professionally and spiritually by:

  • Creating a safe and fun environment to hang out

  • Aiding in studying and homework with our Homework Hotspot program

  • Encouraging and helping teens make their dreams of getting an education a reality

  • Helping teens heading into the workforce with job and interview skills

  • Mentoring and life coaching is also available for all of our teens

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Our Classes and Workshops 

All classes are offered at our Pomona offices and are FREE to attend!

Career Building Workshops:

  • Resume & Interview Workshop for Teens: How to find, apply, and interview for a job
  • Digital Literacy Program: Basic computer functions, typing, internet, & email
  • Word: Draft documents using Word
  • Excel: Compile spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint: Create presentations
  • Outlook: Manage emails, contacts, and calendar
  • Web Design: Build and maintain a website
  • Photoshop: Organize, edit, and create images
  • College Planning Workshop: “Is college for me?” Getting a GED, Choosing a Major, Testing, Applying, and Financing 
  • Personal Finance for Teens: Managing your money
  • English As a Second Language (ESL): Improve conversational English, listening skills, & more

Personal Development Workshops:

  • Teen Life 101
  • Teen Parenting: Learn and improve on parenting skills
  • Relationship Series: Do’s & Dont’s of Dating, Love Languages & More
  • How to Create a Successful Vision Board
  • Life Coaching: Get equipped to live your life to its fullest potential
  • Ready, Set, Wait: Youth Relationships
  • Teen Violence: Bullying Prevention
  • Youth Leadership Program: Develop and improve leadership skills for life
  • Youth Stress Management: Techniques to help minimize stress and its effects
  • Healthy Habits, Healthy You: Healthy eating and lifestyle habits
  • Personal Finance
  • Drama/ Theatre
  • Photography
  • College Planning
  • Time Management

All classes are offered at our Pomona offices and are FREE to attend.

Register here if you are interested in taking any of our classes or workshops.

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