What is Homework Hotspot?

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Homework Hotspot is an after-school program that is designed for middle school and high school students to receive FREE group tutoring and homework help. Private tutoring sessions are also available at a low cost for students that need tutoring in a one-on-one format. We consider character development to be an equally important area of growth. The Homework Hotspot has a mentoring component where we match students with mentors who they meet with on a weekly basis. The Homework Hotspot has an enrichment component where we offer activities to students to develop them in a variety of areas such as drama, photography, graphic design, and more.
Our goal is to encourage a balance of academics and recreational fun to deliver a well-balanced after-school program that encourages wholesome development of each and every student here at the Homework Hotspot.

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 Why should you choose Homework Hotspot for your student?

Homework Hotspot provides students with a unique experience to learn the tools and guidance necessary to excel in school. Students who participate in Homework Hotspot will have the one-on-one attention they cannot receive in school, giving them direct help from our tutors in the subjects they are struggling with.

Homework Hotspot’s tutors not only help students understand their homework, but they serve as role models. Homework Hotspot devotes an allotted amount of time for tutors and students to develop an interpersonal connection.

Movies and games are used to minimize the burnout effect from a full day of school.

The program’s staff aims to create an exciting and inspiring environment where your student can be passionate about learning.

“Marcelo has made significant progress with his grades since the beginning of his sessions. At the start, he had more than 20 missing assignments and below 60% in 3 classes. In the last months, Marcelo has been more eager to complete assignments. When we have extra time, he practices on his math skills. This has made a huge difference for 2 of his classes where his grades are now over 70%.”

–Student Progress Report, Homework Hotspot Tutor

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