Are you a Jr. High or High School Student that is looking for a place to hang out, get some help with homework, or a quiet place to study?

Come on in!!

We also offer private tutoring for all ages – By Appointment only

Learning Center Hours
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
From 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

What is the Homework Hotspot??

The Homework Hotspot is an after-school program that is designed for middle school and high school students to get together for tutoring help and to spend their afternoons in a safe environment. Throughout the week, there are group tutoring sessions in order to ensure that any student that comes is able to receive sufficient attention and assistance with their homework. In addition, we do recognize that certain students require more attention than others, which is why we offer private tutoring sessions for students that prefer tutoring in a one-on-one format. In fashioning a dynamic system here at the Homework Hotspot, we provide a setting that encourages academic success for all learning levels and interpersonal development among students.

Why should you choose the Homework Hotspot for your student?

One aspect to our program that sets itself apart from other tutoring services is the intentional emphasis that we place on the interactions between students and our tutors. In addition to the standards of providing quality homework assistance, the Homework Hotspot aims to recruit tutors that can serve role models for the youth that we work with. Academic success certainly is a significant priority, but we at the Homework Hotspot also consider character development to be an equally important area of growth in order to better prepare the youth we aid for future life experiences. To facilitate such opportunities of interpersonal connections, the Homework Hotspot devotes an allotted amount of time for tutors and students to simply converse with one another and to truly get to know each person. There are also times for movies and games in order to minimize the burnout effect that is commonly caused by a full day of schoolwork. The daily goal is to encourage a balance of academics and recreational fun in order to deliver a well-balanced after-school program that encourages wholesome development of each and every student here at the Homework Hotspot.